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Volunteering with St James Street Big Local

We are always looking for more people to get involved in this great cause; everyone within our diverse community has a part to play.

Whether you want to volunteer on a one-off basis, from time-to-time or be involved regularly, it would be great to have you involved.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Street champions. 
Do you live in the area and want a low commitment way to be involved in community activities? We’re looking for a street champion on each road who has an hour or two each month to: tell your neighbours about upcoming news/events, get involved in little ongoing activities like a bit of gardening, and maybe attend the odd volunteer social 🙂
Theme volunteers.
Does one of our four themes particularly float your boat? (Charities, Places, Businesses, People) Let us know and you could join a sub-group that is responsible for deciding how that theme develops. It usually involves a meeting every other month, and some emails in between, plus you can get involved in specific activities as much as you want. There’s also a Communications sub-group if that’s more your cup of tea. Ongoing recruitment, no deadline, just let us know if and when you’re interested.
Partnership volunteers. 
Are you interested in influencing how SJSBL is run and how our money is spent? Join the Partnership committee to take a decision-making role. We meet at 7-9pm on the last Thursday of each month, in Harmony Hall usually, and each partnership member also either leads a sub-group, or a specific project, or does something central like finance.
Gardening volunteers. 
We’ll start the long-awaited gardening initiative in the spring, and would love some more volunteers – you can just sign up to hear when it’s happening, or get involved co-leading it with one of our partnership volunteers!
Cycling volunteers.
We now have occasional use of the Council’s Christiania Taxi bike to help local older residents to venture out and enjoy the fresh air. Perhaps go for a trip to Walthamstow Marshes and the Wetlands or just get out of the house for a coffee. We are looking for cycle volunteers – please sign up if you have an hour or two to spare to take older residents for a cycle ride. Also, let us know if you know an older resident who may enjoy a cycle ride, we are hoping to offer the scheme as widely as possible! The scheme is being coordinated by Walthamstow Cycles.
Event volunteers. 
We run a jumble trail each September and a carol concert in December. We are also open to other ideas that people have for events. If you would like to help us organise an event, get in touch!

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