Door Step Photography Project! Tuesday 09/06/20

We are excited to announce that two local photographers- Liddy Greenaway and Jack Barnes- will be undertaking two separate, but complimentary ‘door-step’ photography projects within the St. James Street area! Liddy is looking to photograph those of you who are key workers and either live or work in the area, whilst Jack has a focus on good news stories and is interested to hear from anyone that has experienced something particularly new, different or positive during the pandemic (perhaps you’ve recently had a new baby, started volunteering locally or have received invaluable support from your community or neighbour).

Jack and Liddy will take photos of you and your families at an appropriate distance on your doorstep and will respect all social distancing regulations. If you’d like to get involved, please contact either Liddy at or We are keen to have a broad representation of our community and would like to hear from a wide mix of people from our amazing area!

Feel free to get in touch whatever your situation- if you live alone, have a family, partner, or housemates. We also welcome those that are self-isolating or shielding and can work with you to take your photo in the safest and most appropriate way.